Fall clean up November 2022

Fall clean up update 11/16/2022
This is the last week we will pick up.
Pink area was completed Tuesday, November 15th.
Blue area is what we are working on today, November 16th.
And as always … Please bear with us, as there is A LOT out there. Our crew is working as quickly and efficiently as we can.
Make sure that there are no branches or hard stalks in your pile as this clogs up our vacuum hose and will delay the pick up process.
Please do not put your pile close to mailboxes, street signs or trees, as the vacuum can not maneuver around them.
Make sure the pile of leaves are on the curb and not in the street.
IF you can, you are more than welcome to bring your leaves and garden waste to Lebrun yard waste. It is open 24/7 for Allouez residents.