Bulk Pick-Up

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Large items up to two (2) cubic yards, or in general, one (1) front-end loader full (see image below), will be picked up at  no charge on your garbage day during the scheduled bulk pick-up weeks.


Bulk Waste Includes:

Does Not Include:

Mattresses/Box Springs🗙 Appliances
Furniture🗙 Electronics
Carpet🗙 Cardboard
Sinks / Toilets / Tubs🗙 Gas Powered Equipment
Windows / Doors🗙 Fluorescent Light Bulbs / Lamps
Wood / Lumber🗙 Tires
🗙 Construction Debris from Remodeling
🗙 Gas / Charcoal Grills
🗙 Exercise Equipment
🗙 Car Batteries

Steps to ensure pick up during bulk week:

- Only place acceptable items out for collection.
- Place bulk waste behind the curb. Do not place anything in the street.
- Keep bulk piles as compact as possible within two (2) cubic yards. Stack items to allow for efficient pick-up.
- Place bulk waste four (4) feet away from any fixed structure (mailbox, trees, cars, utility poles, etc.).
- Bulk waste must be out for collection by 6:00 a.m. on your garbage day, but no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the day before.

If the amount of bulk placed to the curb during collection week exceeds two (2) cubic yards, the additional bulk will be picked up for a charge of $25.00 per each additional cubic yard. The property owner will be invoiced the cost for additional pick-up.


Village front-loader used to collect residential bulk and brush.


Non-Collection Weeks:

Any bulk items placed on the curb during a non-pick up week will be tagged with a forty-eight (48) hour notice to remove. If the items are not removed, the Village will pick up and bill the property owner for collection and disposal at a minimum cost of $200.00.

A patron may request bulk waste collection during a non-collection week, such as renter move-out. The minimum pick-up charge during a non-collection week is $200.00. Any unpaid charges will be placed on the real estate tax bill as a special charge. Contact Village Hall at 920-448-2800 to schedule a pick-up during a non-collection week.


Residents may bring non-collectible items to the following locations:

Brown County Waste Transfer Station
Gas Powered Equipment
3734 W Mason Street, Hobart, WI 54155
Construction Debris From Remodeling
Gas / Charcoal Grills
Exercise Equipment
Brown County Recycling Transfer Station
Excess Recyclables
2561 S Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54304
Brown County Hazardous Material Recycling
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
2561 S Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54304
Car Batteries

Click here to search the list of additional registered electronics recyclers compiled by the WDNR.