Sign Permits

Sign Permits are required for all new, relocated, modified, or redesigned signs within the Village of Allouez. Before a sign may be displayed, the property owner or contractor shall submit an application for a permit to do the work.

There are two different types of signs that require a permit – Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Signs

A permanent sign is constructed of durable materials, including plastic or metal. Permanent signs are durable, easily maintained, and are intended to be used for an indefinite period of time. See some of the basic rules for permanent signs here.

The application fee for a permanent sign is $75 base fee + $0.50 per square foot of signage.

Download the permanent sign application.

Temporary Signs

A temporary sign is fabricated of paper, plywood, fabric, or other light, impermanent material intended to be displayed for a short period of time. Examples include: banners, porta-panel signs, and sandwich board signs. Temporary signs may be displayed for a period of 30 days per calendar year. There is no application fee for a temporary sign, but an application shall still be submitted.

Download the temporary sign application.

Sign Code

See Chapter 475 of the Village Ordinances for the entire sign code.

Sign Exception Application

Sign Exceptions can be applied for and must be approved by the Plan Commission and Village Board. Download the Sign Exception Application. 

For more information on signs, contact the Director of Planning & Community Development, Trevor Fuller, 920-448-2800 x134, email Trevor; or Building Inspector, Mike Leifker, 920-4482803, email Mike.