Fire Department Services

When a fire or other emergency happens, the Allouez Fire Department is on the scene within minutes with a team of dedicated and highly trained fire and rescue personnel.


Extrications are performed at motor vehicle accidents, a building collapse, or when someone gets caught in machinery.

The Allouez Fire Department’s pumper/rescue vehicle is equipped with powerful hydraulic tools, often referred to as the “Jaws of Life,” that enable firefighters to quickly pry open vehicles and cut through steel and concrete structures.

Medical Emergencies

In a medical emergency, every minute counts. With a fire station strategically situated in the village, the Allouez Fire Department rescue squad averages a 3.01-minute response time. All personnel are trained in Advanced Life Support.

Water Rescue

With the Fox and East Rivers bordering the village, the Allouez fire station is equipped with Land Based Water Rescue equipment.