Laura & Peter Mossakowski Family Dog Park


What is the Laura & Peter Mossakowski Family Dog Park?

A place where our best friends have a place to run, roll around in mud, meet new four-legged friends and even catch a ball or a Frisbee.

A group of  dedicated volunteer citizens are working to create and operate a community dog park in the Village of Bellevue.  Fundraising has been on-going with the hope of raising enough funds to open the park in the fall of 2016.  Through a very generous donation from Laura and Peter Mossakowski, the Bellevue Dog Park has been named in their honor.

Where is the Dog Park?

The park is located at 2282 Bellevue Street.  This 22.5 acre park site is located just south of State HWY 172 along the banks of the East River. The majority of this park is part of the East River Parkway & Trail.  An approximate 6.5 acre section of the property will be developed as a dog park.  The Village owns this property and has approved its use as a dog park for our community.Proposed_Dog_Park_Site

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