Prescription Drug Collections

Safely disposing of unused and expired medications and used medical supplies helps protect the people around you and your environment. There are many safe disposal options available to everyone throughout Wisconsin. As part of a comprehensive plan to fight this issue in Brown County, the Village of Allouez is collecting unwanted residential household medications. The purpose of the collections is to prevent theft, avoid poisoning of children and pets, and to stop pollution of our local waterways. Wisconsin Department of Health Services has joined this effort by agreeing to properly destroy these medications.

Any Brown County resident can bring their expired & unwanted medications to the Village of Allouez Hall, located at 1900 Libal St, during normal business hours. There is a bright green collection box located in the lobby area.

What IS collected:

1. Prescription medicines, pills and patches ***In sealed bags/removed from bottles and boxes***
2. Prescription ointments and liquids (sealed original containers/ no leaks)
3. Over the counter medications, vitamins & pet medications (no containers)

What is NOT collected:

 No Needles / Sharps / Thermometers
 No Inhalers / Aerosols / Pressurized Containers
 No leaking liquids / Hydrogen Peroxide
 No personal hygiene products or chemicals
 No Business, Clinic, or Nursing Home Items
 No Bagged Liquids of any kind
 No Rubbing Alcohol or Flammables
 No Biological or Hazardous Waste
 Unauthorized drops left on premise without permission will be prosecuted

Waste pharmaceuticals are a far reaching issue that affects more than just hazardous waste programs. These unused drugs present opportunities for environmental contamination, drug abuse and accidental poisonings. Proper disposal through collection events is necessary to insure the drugs are completely destroyed by incineration. Taking the easy way out and simply throwing your unused medications in the trash or flushing down the drain can lead to significant environmental problems.

Other Locations for Prescription Drug Collection: 

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