Security Alarm Permits/House Check Request Form

Residents & businesses installing private security alarm systems are required to obtain a permit from the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at the Allouez Village Hall or download application below. There is no charge for the first false alarm call, if a permit is on file. If a permit is not on file, there is a $25.00 charge for the first alarm call and a permit application is mailed with the invoice.

The charge for a second false alarm is $25.00; third false alarm $50.00; each subsequent false alarm is $75.00. The permit is for your protection and safety. These charges are per calendar year.

If you have already installed an alarm system, you are still required to obtain a permit.

Alarm User Permit Application

Going away for a few days or for the winter?  Our police officers will check on or monitor your property during your absence.  Simply fill out the House Check Request Form below and return to Village Hall. 

House Check Request Form