Disposal of Appliances & Waste Oil

As of 1/1/2020, the Village no longer accepts appliances or electronics at the Lebrun Yard Waste Site.

What you CAN bring to LeBrun:
– Grass Clippings
– Leaves
– Brush (branches/twigs)
– Other yard/garden waste
– Waste Oil

What you CANNOT bring to LeBrun:
– Bulk Items (furniture, appliances, electronics)
– Lawn Mowers
– Scraps from home renovation or construction projects

Appliances can be taken to Brown County Transfer Station- https://www.browncountyrecycling.org/refuse-rates-fees

Electronics can be taken to the Brown County Recycling Center or DNR approved recycling business- https://www.browncountyrecycling.org/refuse-rates-fees