New Housing Fee Report

Act 243 was enacted in 2017 upon the request from different lobbying groups interested in residential development and real estate. Among several other mandated requirements and changes for the local level, Act 243 requires that by January 1, 2020, cities and villages with a population of 10,000 or more must prepare a report of the municipality’s residential development fees and prepare a report of the municipality’s implementation of the housing element of its comprehensive plan and update the report annually by January 31st.

Housing Reports:

2020 Allouez Housing Affordability Report 

2020 Allouez New Housing Fee Report 

Forms & Fees:

Allouez Permit Fee Schedule

Code 225- Fees & Charges 

Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permit Application

Sanitary, Storm & Water Main Permit Application

Street Access Permit Application

Street Excavation Permit Application