Building Inspector

Most construction projects require a building permit. Our Building Inspector is required to inspect projects to ensure compliance with the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC).

The list below is not all-inclusive of every project that needs or does not need a permit. If you have any questions regarding whether or not a project requires a permit, contact the Building Inspector using the contact information listed above.

Projects that always need a permit:

  • Additions to an existing structure or building of a new structure, including but not limited to; additions, decks, garages, sheds, and fences.
  • Replacing an existing roof or siding.
  • Plumbing additions, replacements, or renovations.
  • Electrical additions, replacements, or renovations.
  • Electrical panel change.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) component addition, replacement, or renovation.
  • Foundation Repair.

Projects that may need a permit:

  • Windows Replacement- only if changing physical size of existing window or cutting in a new window.
  • Fencing- only if installing new or changing out installed posts. Not required if re-finishing or changing a few panels.
  • Water heater replacement- only if changing location or switching heater type.
  • Driveways- only if curb cutting is required. Please note that, if expanding driveway, it must conform to all setback requirements.
  • Signs- only for new signs or for existing signs that are changing the size, shape, or location.

The Wisconsin Uniform Permit Application is used for all building projects. This application and the list of fees associated with different projects can be found in the below links or obtained in person at the Village Hall.

As a reminder, please provide advanced notice when scheduling building inspections. 24 hours is the minimum required time to provide notice but a week is preferred so inspections can be properly coordinated.

Applications for building projects that need to go through special approvals, such as planned development district and site plan review process, can be found in the zoning department.

Building Permit Application and Information

To view the Village of Allouez Schedule of Fees and Charges please click here

We have several permit applications for construction sign companies to maintain village compliance. Use the link below to begin the permit process and contact the relevant department with any questions or issues.

General Building & Zoning Informational Documents

Restaurant Grease Information

The Village of Allouez set forth ordinance for the proper disposal of restaurant grease and oil.

Assistance Programs

Find out if you qualify for home improvement loans and programs offered by Brown County through the CDBG Housing Funds.

Sign Permits

Sign Permits are required for all new, relocated, modified, or redesigned signs within the Village of Allouez. Before a sign may be displayed, the property owner or contractor shall submit an application for a permit to do the work.

There are two different types of signs that require a permit – Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Signs

A permanent sign is constructed of durable materials, including plastic or metal. Permanent signs are durable, easily maintained, and are intended to be used for an indefinite period of time.

The application fee for a permanent sign is $75 base fee + $0.50 per square foot of signage.

Temporary Signs

A temporary sign is fabricated of paper, plywood, fabric, or other light, impermanent material intended to be displayed for a short period of time. Examples include: banners, porta-panel signs, and sandwich board signs. Temporary signs may be displayed for a period of 30 days per calendar year. There is no application fee for a temporary sign, but an application shall still be submitted.

Sign Code

Sign Exception Application

Sign Exceptions can be applied for and must be approved by the Plan Commission and Village Board.

Community Development Forms

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