The Village plans snow and ice removal activities for each weather event to provide safe travel conditions to residents. Below are the general practices followed by the Village in response to winter weather events.

General Practices:

Snow accumulation of three (3) inches or more: Streets Plowed.

Snow accumulation less than three (3) inches: Salt applied at intersections and on streets with steep grades.*

* The Village will apply salt to full streets if an ice storm or icing conditions occur.


Village Assistance:

The Village of Allouez will assist property owners as follows with the clearing of snow from public sidewalk:

After each snowfall event, the Village will clear sidewalks adjacent to roundabouts and problem area sidewalks. See the Village Sidewalk Clearing Map.

Six (6) inches of snowfall or more: The Village will clear all other contiguous sidewalks as shown on the Village Sidewalk Clearing Map.

Less than six (6) inches of snowfall: It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk.


Residents are reminded that snow and ice must be removed from their sidewalks within 48 hours after a winter storm. If ice remains on the sidewalk, it must be salted or sanded. If not cleared after 48 hours, the following actions are taken:

Non-Compliance Penalty:

1st Occurrence: No Charge. Non-compliance is documented.
2nd Occurrence: $50 per lot (up to 100 ft.) plus $10 per every additional 100 ft.
3rd Occurrence: Two times the 1st non-compliance charge.
4th Occurrence: Three times the 1st non-compliance charge, plus citation for violation of sidewalk clearing ordinance 350.28.

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