The Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, design, permitting and construction of public related infrastructure within the Village. The Department is also responsible for the review and evaluation of infrastructure proposed by private development to ensure uniformity and conformity with Village specifications and standards.

The Department plans for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of existing facilities as well as the long-range planning for the Village. It is also responsible for the inspection and proper documentation of the Village’s construction projects.

The primary objectives include:

  • Provide the most cost-effective method of design and construction of projects.
  • Evaluate, analyze and develop projects to maintain, repair or replace the Village’s existing infrastructure in accordance with the 5-yr Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Ensure infrastructure is constructed according to Village standards and specifications. And that the completed work is properly documented.

The Department of Public Works, to its best ability, handles much of the design and preparation of plans for the Village’s street and utility improvement projects. For the design of street reconstruction and special projects, the Village will retain a qualified civil engineering consultant to assist with the project as needed. The engineering firms that the Village may contract with as needed include: AECOM, Ayres, Cedar Corporation, JT Engineering, Graef, KL Engineering, McMahon Associates, Mead and Hunt, MSA, RaSmith, Robert E. Lee & Associates, Ruekert Mielke and Strand.

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