2024 Libal Street Improvement Project

Due to the age and condition of the existing pavement and underground utilities, the Village and Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) under separate projects will be improving the Libal Street infrastructure from STH 172 to Kalb Avenue.

In general, the scope of the work includes:

  • Reconstruction of Libal Street from STH 172 to Allouez Avenue

  • Resurfacing of Libal Street from Allouez Avenue to Kalb Avenue

Project Timeline: March 2024 – October 2024

2024 Street Resurfacing Project

On an annual basis, as part of our road maintenance program, the Village resurfaces a number of streets. The maintenance is necessary to preserve and prolong the life of existing asphalt pavements. With favorable contractor pricing, the Village is proposing to resurface the following streets in 2024: In the event the bid pricing is less than estimated, alternate street projects are being bid.

  • Kenney St. – Libal St. to Jenkel Ter.
  • Sunrise Ln. – Libal St. to Briar Ln.
  • Brenner Pl. – Bittersweet Ave. to Termini
  • Little Rd. – DuCharme Ln. to Allouez Ave.
  • Memory Ave. – Libal St. to East River Dr.
  • Bid Alternate No. 1 – W. Mission Rd. – DuCharme Ln. to S. Webster Ave.
  • Bid Alternate No. 2 – Sunset Cir.

In general, the street resurfacing project includes:

  • Removing and milling asphaltic surfaces.

  • Shaping and compacting existing aggregate base.

  • Spot repair of storm inlets.

  • Spot repair of concrete curb and gutter.

  • Reconstruction of manholes.

  • Adjustment and placement on inlet and manhole covers.

  • Asphaltic pavement.

Project Timeline: Weather permitting, work is anticipated to begin in May or June of 2024. Once work begins on a street, it typically takes the contractor 30 working days to complete all work on that street.

The maintenance work is not special assessed to abutting property owners.

(Updated 12/21/2023)

2024 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

  • Brenner Pl. – Bittersweet Ave. to Termini
  • Libal St. – HWY 172 to Beaupre St.
  • Webster Ave. – North of Greene Ave.

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