Update (6/26/2023)

2023 Street Reconstruction Projects:

Street Reconstruct Projects are scheduled every other year with the next being 2023.

Due to the age and condition of the pavement and underground public utilities, the Village of Allouez is proposing to reconstruct the following streets in 2023:

  • Roselawn Boulevard – 1400 feet East of Riverside Drive to Webster Avenue
  • Karen Lane- Libal Street to Greenwald Street
  • Allouez Terrace – Riverside Drive to Termini
  • Jackson Street- Allouez Terrace to Derby Lane

Project Scope

In general the street reconstruction work includes:

  • Underground work will include the removal and replacement of the watermain
  • Sanitary sewer and storm sewer will be televised by the Village to determine existing pipe conditions and the scope of the sewer improvements.
  • Installation of new storm laterals and replacement of the existing water and sanitary sewer laterals from the main to the property line.
  • Voluntary replacement of private side sanitary sewer laterals.
  • Placement of new concrete curb & gutter and driveway aprons to the property line.
  • Removal of and placement of new asphalt pavement.
  • Evaluation and in some cases construction of new sidewalk.

During the week of August 29th and September 6th the engineering consultant will be completing a topographic survey of the street segments above of which will also include the underground infrastructure. Prior to the survey the underground utilities will be located and marked in the field. To ensure that the reconstruction project properly matches the grade of your property, the topographic survey will extend outward onto your property approximately 10 feet.

Letter to Residents 8/23/22 – Proposed 2023 Reconstruction Project Information

Public Informational Meeting

A public informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 at the Village Hall, located at 1900 Libal Street. A brief presentation is scheduled to begin at 6 P.M. The remainder of the meeting will follow an informal, open-house format allowing you time to review plans and discuss your questions and concerns with project representatives.

Special Assessments

In accordance with Village Code, the cost to install a new lateral is assessable to the benefited property owner. As a part of the project, any property that currently does not have a storm sewer lateral will be provided one to the property line. The Replacement of existing laterals from the main to the street right-of-way (property line) is not assessed by the Village. There are no other assessable street improvements associated with the project.


Weather dependent, construction is anticipated to begin as soon as May and be completed no later than the middle to end of October.

AL-2023-01 Street Reconstruction Project – Plans and Specifications

  • Roselawn Blvd – 1400 ft East of Riverside Dr. to Webster Ave.

AL-2023-02 Street Reconstruction Project – Plans and Specifications

  • Karen Ln – Libal St. to Greenwald St.
  • Allouez Ter – Riverside Dr. to Termini
  • Jackson St – Allouez Ter. to Derby Ln.

2023 Street Resurfacing Project

On an annual basis, as part of our road maintenance program, the Village resurfaces a number of streets. The maintenance is necessary to preserve and prolong the life of existing asphalt pavements. With favorable contractor pricing, the Village is proposing to resurface the following streets in 2023: In the event the bid pricing is less than estimated, alternate street projects are being bid.

  • Longview Ave. – Libal St. to E. River Dr.
  • Mission St. – Webster Ave. to Libal St.
  • Derby Ln. – Riverside Dr. to Webster Ave.
  • Bid Alternate No. 1 – Kenney St. – Libal St. to Jenkel Ter.
  • Bid Alternate No. 2 – Van Buren St. – Allouez Ter to Derby Ln

In general, the street resurfacing project includes:

  • Removing and milling asphaltic surfaces.
  • Shaping and compacting existing aggregate base.
  • Spot repair of storm inlets.
  • Spot repair of concrete curb and gutter.
  • Reconstruction of manholes.
  • Adjustment and placement on inlet and manhole covers.
  • Asphaltic pavement.

Weather permitting, work is anticipated to begin in May or June of 2023. Once work begins on a street, the contractor has 30 days to complete all work on that street.

The maintenance work is not special assessed to abutting property owners.

2023 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

AL-2023-04 Sewer Lining Project Plans & Specs

  • Roselawn Blvd – +/- 1400 feet east of Riverside Drive to Webster Ave

Public Works Contacts