Twice a year, in spring and fall, the Village designates a few weeks to leaf and yard waste collection. There is no brush or bulk collected in April and November due to spring and fall clean-up.

Yard Waste is defined by the Village as:

All materials originating in the yard and garden which are capable of natural decomposition (e.g. leaves, plants, flowers, etc.) Yard waste does not include brush, stumps, woody stalks, green grass, tree roots, or root balls.

Yard Waste Includes

  • Leaves

  • Plants

  • Flowers

Does Not Include

  • Brush / Branches

  • Root Balls

  • Green Grass

Steps to Ensure Pick Up During Spring and Fall Clean-Up

  • Only place leaves and yard waste, as defined by the Village, out for collection.
  • Place leaf and yard waste piles behind the curb. Do not place anything in the street.
  • Be patient. Unlike bulk and brush collection, leaf and yard waste collection is continuous and does not follow a set schedule. Village crews try to pass through the village every 6 to 7 working days (number of days may fluctuate depending on the volume of waste placed out for collection).
  • The Village will not collect leaves or yard waste created by a contracted service.

Correct Leaf and Yard Waste Placement

Place leaf and yard waste piles behind the curb, out of the street.

Lebrun Yard Waste Site

Residents are encouraged to bring yard waste and leaves to Lebrun Yard Waste Site located at 911 Lebrun Street, Green Bay, WI 54301. The site is open 24/7 for Allouez resident use only.

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