Brush piles no larger than eight (8) feet long and six (6) feet deep will be picked up at no charge on your garbage day during the scheduled brush pick-up weeks.

Brush is defined by the Village as:

Trimmings/woody material from shrubs, trees, and stalks from garden plants (e.g., rosebush and bamboo). Brush does not include tree roots or root balls, yard waste, leaves, or grass.

Steps to Ensure Pick-Up During Brush Week

  • Only place brush, as defined by the Village, out for collection.
  • Place brush parallel to and behind the curb. Do not place anything in the street.
  • Keep brush piles within the required size parameters (no larger than 8 ft. long x 6 ft. deep).
  • Place brush four (4) feet away from any fixed structure (mailbox, trees, cars, utility poles, etc.).
  • Brush must be out for collection by 6:00 a.m. on your garbage day, but no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the day before.
  • The Village will not collect brush created by a contracted service.

Correct Brush Placement

Non-Collection Weeks

Residents are encouraged to bring brush to Lebrun Yard Waste Site located at 911 Lebrun Street, Green Bay, WI 54301. The site is open 24/7 for Allouez resident use only.

Any brush placed on the curb during a non-pick up week will be tagged with a forty-eight (48) hour notice to remove. If the items are not removed, the Village will pick up and bill the property owner for collection and disposal at a minimum cost of $200.

A patron may request brush pick-up during a non-collection week. The minimum pick-up charge during a non-collection week is $200. If the amount exceeds the volume of the Village haul truck, there will be a $200 charge for each additional truck load. Any unpaid charges will be placed on the real estate tax bill as a special charge. Contact Village Hall at 920-448-2800 to schedule a pick-up during a non-collection week.

Village front-loader used to collect residential bulk and brush:

Have you ever wondered what happens to your tree trimmings after they are picked up by the Village of Allouez?

Wonder no more! Below is a short video outlining the journey your brush makes to be properly recycled and reused within our community.

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