A short-term rental is a residential dwelling unit provided for lodging for a period of more than 10 nights per year but less than 29 consecutive days, as defined in Wisconsin State Statute 66.0615 (1)(dk), in exchange for compensation.

Annual Requirements

Short-term rentals must be annually inspected and permitted by the Village of Allouez and the Brown County Health Department. The following requirements must be completed before listing a unit for rent:

All required application material must be submitted at the same time along with the application fee. Applications that are not complete at submission will be returned to the applicant without processing.

DO NOT rent your unit as a short-term rental until licensed by Brown County and the Village of Allouez.

Quarterly Requirements

The following forms must be submitted quarterly:

  • Brown County Room Tax Form
    Completed form and payment must be submitted quarterly to the Associated Trust Company.

    Mail To:
    Associated Trust Company, Attn: Trust Operations Dept., PO Box 12800, Green Bay, WI 54307-2800

    Reporting Period Due Dates:

    Jan 1 through Mar 31 – due April 20th
    Apr 1 through Jun 30 – due July 20th
    Jul 1 through Sep 30 – due October 20th
    Oct 1 through Dec 31 – due January 20th

  • Guest Registry Form
    The completed registry must be submitted quarterly to the Office of the Clerk on the first business day following January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

    Mail To:
    Village of Allouez
    1900 Libal St
    Green Bay, WI 54301

    Email To:
    Carrie Zittlow, Clerk/Treasurer

Frequently Asked Questions

No. A separate application and Short-Term Permit must be obtained for each dwelling unit used as a short-term rental.

The Short-Term Rental Permit is NOT transferable. If the property changes ownership, a new permit will be required.

You need to obtain a Short-Term Rental Permit and Room Tax permit if you are renting your home to any person(s) for over 10 days in a 365-day time span and less than 29 consecutive days.

Yes, the Village requires a municipal permit regardless of how the rental is advertised.

Room tax is a pass-through tax. There are different options to collect room tax and it is up to you to decide what works best for your rental.

  • The amount can be included in the nightly advertised rate.
  • You may list through a lodging marketplace, which may offer to collect the tax for you; however, you are responsible to make sure that the room tax is collected and paid.

Room tax is paid on gross lodging sales. If you collect additional money for services or other items, those charges would not be subject to room tax.

Books and records should be maintained of all rental transactions whether you are renting to a guest directly or through an online platform. Include the days/nights rented, all revenue associated with the rental, and documentation of any deductions taken from the gross revenue prior to the calculation of the room tax due.

  • The Guest Registry Form supplied is to be kept on-site available for inspection for at least one (1) year. Copies of this form are to be submitted to the Clerk Treasurer every quarter throughout the year.

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