• AL-2022-01 Street Resurfacing Project
  • Project ID 4579-01-71: Doty- Safe Route to School (SRTS) Sidewalk Project
  • AL-2022-02 14-inch Watermain Repair Project

Construction Update (9/12/2022)

Upcoming Street Resurfacing Projects


  • Jenkel Terrace & Gwynn Street- Lebrun St to Libal St
  • Patrick Court- Hoffman Rd to Termini
  • Michael Court- Hoffman Rd to Termini
  • Dauphin Street- Webster Rd to Libal St
  • Rustic Oaks Court- Kalb Ave to Termini
  • Hastings Street- Webster Ave to S Irwin Ave
  • Letter to Residents – March 25, 2022

Alternate Streets

  • Kenney Street- S Clay St to Delahaut St
  • Kenney Street- Libal St to Jenkel Ter

In general the street resurfacing project includes:

  • Removing and milling asphaltic surfaces.
  • Shaping and compacting existing aggregate base.
  • Spot repair of storm inlets.
  • Spot repair of concrete curb & gutter.
  • Reconstruction of manholes.
  • Adjustment and placement on inlet and manhole covers.
  • Asphaltic pavement.

Weather permitting, work is anticipated to begin in May or June of 2022. Once work begins on a street, the contractor has 30 days to complete all work on that street.

The work will not be special assessed to the property owners as it is part of our annual road maintenance program.

The Plans and Specs for the AL-2022-01 Street Resurfacing Project can be found here.

AL-2022-01 — Complete Bid Tab Summary

Doty- Safe Route to School (SRTS) Sidewalk Project

(Project ID 4579-01-71)

All work shall be completed by September 16th, 2022.

  • Installation of sidewalk along the west side of East River Drive from Lebrun St to Hoffman Rd.
  • Installation of sidewalk along the north side of Longview Avenue from E River Dr to Doty Elementary School.

In general the Doty- Safe Route to School (SRTS) Sidewalk Project work includes:

  • Installation of a 5’ wide concrete walkway generally located 6’ from the existing back of curb.
  • Installation of ADA compliant curb ramps.
  • Spot repair to existing inlets and manholes.
  • Reconstruction of existing driveway aprons affected by the sidewalk.
  • Landscaping and restoration to affected areas.

This is a federally funded project.

The Plans and Specs for the Doty- SRTS Project can be found here.

Doty SRTS — Complete Bid Tab Summary

14-Inch Watermain Repair Project


In general the watermain repair work under this contract consists of the following:

  • Horizontal directional drilling of 600 feet of 14-inch HDPE watermain
  • Installation of valves
  • And all preparatory work to reinstate repaired watermain

Work on this project is anticipated to begin this spring, however commencement of this project will depend upon material availability. Once the work begins, all work must be completed in 15 working days. Village desires to have all work completed by June 24th, 2022.

This project is located west of Webster Ave., south of Woodview Ln, east of Beaumont St, and north of Hwy 172 on WDOT right-of-way.

The Plans and Specs for the 14-Inch Watermain Repair Project can be found here.

Street Reconstruction Projects:

Street Reconstruct Projects are scheduled every other year with the next being 2023.

Due to the age and condition of the pavement and underground public utilities, the Village of Allouez reconstructed the following streets in 2021:

  • Roselawn Boulevard from Riverside Dr. east approximately 1400 feet.
  • Beaumont Street from Greene Ave. north to Mission St.
  • Kalb Avenue from Libal St. to the East River

Project Scope

In general the street reconstruction work included:

  • Replacement of the existing water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer.
  • Installation of new storm laterals and replacement of the existing water and sanitary sewer laterals from the main to the property line.
  • Voluntary replacement of private side sanitary sewer laterals.
  • Placement of new concrete curb & gutter and driveway aprons to the property line.
  • Removal of and placement of new asphalt pavement.
  • Evaluation and in some cases construction of new sidewalk.

Public Works Contacts