How to Read Your Allouez Utility Invoice

  1. From-To: The billing service period. Water meters are read electronically the first day of each month.
  2. Billing Date: The day the bill was calculated and mailed out.
    Prior Balance: Unpaid account balance as of the billing date.
  3. Readings: The previous and present meter reading.
    Est: If the utility was unable to retrieve a reading an estimated reading will be marked with an “E”.
    Used: Water Consumption. This number represents the number of hundred gallons used throughout the service period.
    Example: 30 = 3,000 gallons used
  4. Amount charged for each service. The typical residential bill includes 5 charges: Water, Allouez Sewer, NEW Water (GBMSD) Sewer, Stormwater, and Public Fire Protection.
  5. Account Number: Your water and sewer account number.
    Due Date: Due date of bill (typically the 15th of each month).
    Amount Due After Due Date: Amount Due + 1% of Amount Due.
    Amount Due: Total of charges listed in section 4.
  6. Service Address.
  7. Bill Stub: Please return stub with check payment.

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