Unpaid water and sewer balances are transferred to the property tax roll in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 66.0809(3).


  • October 15- The Village of Allouez mails collection notices to all accounts in arrears as of October 1st. This includes monthly water and sewer invoices billed from September of the previous year to August of the current tax year.
  • November 1- A 10% penalty is applied to all unpaid collection accounts. If a partial payment is made towards a collection amount, the 10% penalty will be applied to the remaining collection balance.
  • November 15- Last day to pay collection amount plus the 10% penalty.
  • November 16- Unpaid collection amount plus the 10% penalty is transferred to Brown County Treasurer’s office to be added to the tax roll.


Unpaid utility balances billed in a tenant’s name will be transferred to the landlord’s property taxes using the same notification timeline listed above. If you are concerned about your tenant’s Allouez water and sewer account, please contact the Allouez Water Department at 920-448-2808.

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