News: Preferred alternative announced for WIS 57/Riverside Drive Reconstruction in Brown County

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
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February 18, 2016

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Preferred alternative announced for WIS 57/Riverside Drive reconstruction in Brown County
Construction slated for 2021. WIS 57 updated website available.

(Allouez/De Pere) The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) northeast region is announcing the preferred design alternative for 3.4 miles of WIS 57/Riverside Drive in the village of Allouez and the city of De Pere from Randall Avenue to Grignon Street. Reconstruction is necessary due to the age and deteriorating condition of pavement and subgrade below the pavement. Local utilities and storm sewer will be replaced in conjunction with this project. Construction is scheduled for 2021.

The alternative was developed after three years of coordination with the local business and stakeholder committee, public comment, and village and city board recommendations. The Allouez and De Pere portions of the project have different configurations due to differences in each community’s desire for bike/pedestrian accommodations and sidewalk.

“The design is really a hybrid of past alternatives incorporating preferences of both Allouez and De Pere regarding the look and operation of the reconstructed roadway,” said Will Dorsey, WisDOT Northeast Region Director. “It’s through this collaborative process of sharing concerns and comments that we were able to come to a consensus on the design. I’d like to thank the residents and leaders of Allouez and De Pere for all their time and effort devoted to this important project.”

Allouez Village president Randy Gast said, “The village of Allouez and WisDOT have worked, and will continue to work, cooperatively on the Riverside Drive design in conjunction with residents and business owners to arrive at a cost-effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing project which minimizes the impacts to private property owners.”

WIS 57 (Riverside Drive) from south village limits to north village limits in Allouez:
WIS 57 will be reconstructed as a four-lane roadway from the south village limit, located near the Fox Point Boat Launch, to the north village limit in the village of Allouez, just north of Marine Street. The approximate length of the project is 3 miles. The Allouez portion of WIS 57, as supported by the village, includes:
• A roadway footprint that is essentially the same as the current roadway width.
• Does not include a wide outside lane for bike accommodations.
• Includes continuous sidewalk on the east side of WIS 57 for the length of the project.
• Includes intermittent sidewalk on the west side of WIS 57 to minimize property impacts where right of way is constrained.

WIS 57 (Broadway Street) from Randall Avenue to north city limits in De Pere:
WIS 57 will be reconstructed as a four-lane roadway from Randall Avenue in the city of De Pere to the northern city limit in the city of De Pere, located near the Fox Point Boat Launch. The approximate length of the project is 0.4 miles. The De Pere portion of WIS 57, as supported by the city, includes:
• A wide outside lane that provides space for bike accommodations and other safety benefits.
• A two-way center turn lane to provide improved operations and safety for left turning vehicles.
• Includes continuous sidewalk on both sides of the roadway.

Reconstruction in both Allouez and De Pere includes:
• Intersection safety improvements
• Construction of new pedestrian crossings throughout the corridor
• Replacement of underlying utilities (water and sanitary sewer) by the municipalities
• Reconstruction of the existing pavement, curb and gutter, and sidewalk
• Replacement of the existing storm sewer system along the entire project
• Construction of aesthetic enhancements along the corridor, including trees

Right of way will be required as part of the reconstruction. Several trees and the Murphy/Cowles fence will be impacted by the project
“WisDOT recognizes the importance of the fence and landscape of WIS 57,” said Dorsey.” We will continue to coordinate with the property owners, village and city to minimize property impacts, and to refine design aspects such as landscaping, terrace width, and aesthetic enhancements.”

WisDOT will submit an environmental document for review and is anticipating approval from Federal Highways Administration by the end of 2016. Final design and identification of real estate needs will take place by 2017. A public involvement meeting will be held in 2017 to present design refinements, real estate needs and discuss the acquisition process.

To review a handout with details of the reconstruction, and to view displays, renderings, maps, and exhibits of the preferred alternative, please see the project website at Public comment is also available at a link on the website.

WIS 57 interim paving project:
A separate, interim pavement project will take place on WIS 57/Riverside this year beginning around Memorial Day. Due to the poor condition of the pavement and underlying base, this pavement overlay provides a temporary fix until the reconstruction project takes place in 2021. The project will provide a temporary improvement to the ride, but will not permanently address the poor pavement issues present on the roadway. WIS 57 is anticipated to remain open with daily lane closures along the corridor during this project.