The Village of Allouez contracts with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department to protect and serve its residents. Any violation or complaint should be reported to the Sheriff’s Department. The non-emergency number is (920) 391-7450. View a crime map of calls for service in our area.

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Directed Enforcement Officer

Allouez employs one Directed Enforcement Officer (DEO) to assist in crime prevention. The Directed Enforcement Officer (DEO) is a Brown County Sheriff’s deputy assigned to patrol the Village of Allouez. Duties include:

  • Crime prevention
  • Criminal investigations
  • Serving as a liaison between the Village and the Sheriff’s Department
  • Enforcing local ordinances and state statutes
  • Community policing
  • Traffic enforcement and safety

DEO contact information for complaints and other non-emergencies:
Officer Jason Vogel (920) 448-2800 ex 109.