Responsibilities of the Neighborhood Compliance Inspector

  • Conducting field inspections and special investigations to ensure compliance with various municipal ordinances.
  • Receives and responds to complaints of alleged violations of local zoning code and advises owner or others in violation of the zoning code.
  • Answers resident questions about Village code enforcement.
  • Coordinates inspections of buildings requiring joint inspection with other public agencies such as the health department, building department, sheriff’s department, and other appropriate agencies.
  • Assists in development or revision of current zoning ordinances.


If you have concerns about neighborhood properties or questions about Village code compliance, please contact:

Becky works part-time and is generally in the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Concerns are investigated during this time.

We request the following information in your report:

  • Provide the location or address where the problem is happening.
  • Your contact information, for follow up reports.
  • A description of the concern.

If you have a problem that needs immediate assistance, such as a barking dog or street parking violations, call the Brown County Sherriff’s Department non-emergency number at 920-391-7450.

We encourage you to be proactive and contact us with questions about Village Code and ordinances before purchasing a new boat or camper, or if you are new to the Village. Most frequently asked questions are about parking equipment and landscape maintenance.

Spring Help for Bees and Other Pollinators

Allouez will not be participating in No Mow May; instead we will be allowing residents to delay their first mow. This delay is only if you have flowering plants in your lawn. Residents are asked to please mow before it reaches 7 inches in length or right before the flowers go to seed. Most years, by May 20th, the early lawn flowers are done blooming and other plants in the landscape have grown enough to provide the habitat bees need.


Public Safety Forms

  • Going away for a few days or for the winter? Fill out this form to have police officers check on or monitor your property during your absence.