As part of a comprehensive plan to fight drug abuse in Brown County, the Village of Allouez is collecting unwanted residential household medications. The purpose of the collections is to prevent theft, avoid poisoning of children and pets, and to stop pollution of our local waterways. Wisconsin Public Service has joined this effort by agreeing to properly destroy these medications.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against drug abuse.

Brown County residents can bring their expired & unwanted medications to Allouez Village Hall, located at 1900 Libal Street during business hours. Use the green box in the lobby.

Preparing Items for Drop Off

How to Package Items for Drop Off

  • Pills and capsules must be dumped out of their original containers into a clear plastic zipper-close bag. Pills do not need to be removed from blister packs.
  • Liquids, creams, and powders must be in their original container. If the container is leaking, please place it inside a clear plastic zipper-close bag.


  • Prescription medicines (pills, capsules, ointments, lotions, and patches)

  • Over the counter medicines (pills, capsules, ointments, vitamins)

  • Sample medications

  • Liquid medicine in glass or leak proof containers

  • Inhalers

Not Collected

  • Thermometers

  • Hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol

  • Sharps, syringes, and/or lancets

  • Biological waste

  • Institutional health care waste

  • Aerosols other than inhalers

  • Medical waste to include used or unused IV tubes, dressings, bandages, Band-Aids, and cold packs

  • Personal care products like nail polish, non-prescription shampoos, lotion, vaseline, chapstick, and cosmetics

Waste pharmaceuticals are a far reaching issue that affects more than just hazardous waste programs. These unused drugs present opportunities for environmental contamination, drug abuse and accidental poisonings. Proper disposal through collection events is necessary to insure the drugs are completely destroyed by incineration. Taking the easy way out and simply throwing your unused medications in the trash or flushing down the drain can lead to significant environmental problems.

Alternative Medication Drop Off Sites

Public Safety Forms

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