The Village of Allouez has identified Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) within the village limits. An ash tree located along the East River north of Wiese Park on the southeast end of the village was positively identified for being infested with EAB in April of 2017.

EAB affects only true ash trees; white ash, green ash, and black ash. Mountain ash is not a true ash and is not in jeopardy of EAB infestation. Signs of EAB in an ash tree include flecking bark from woodpecker activity, split bark, serpentine “S” galleries in the wood, thinning crown, water sprouts, and “D” shaped holes in the bark.

EAB continues to threaten ash trees in Wisconsin’s forests and urban areas. The emerald ash borer moves a little each year, but when people move firewood, and other infected wood products, they spread the beetle further and faster. You can help slow the spread by using local firewood and don’t move it over long distances. Buy it where you plan to burn it.

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