1/19/2023 Project Update- Real Estate Acquisition

The Village will be reconstructing Libal Street between STH 172 and Kalb Avenue during the 2024 construction season. The acquisition of real estate is necessary from approximately 90 parcels adjacent to Libal Street within the project limits. The type of land acquisition is as follows:

  • Temporary Limited Easement (TLE) – Required throughout the project for grading purposes. Easement ends when the project ends.
  • FEE – In general, the purchase of strip r/w is needed for sidewalk construction along the eastside of the roadway from First Bible Baptist Church to Allouez Ave. As well as along the eastside of roadway at Bethel Baptist Church.
  • Permanent Limited Easement (PLE) – Purchase of easement required to replace and maintain an existing storm drain.

In the coming days Strand Associates, Village’s Engineering Consultant, will be staking the new right-of-way limits. In addition, those property owner’s affected will be mailed a letter describing the real estate acquisition process.

11/22/2022 Project Update- Public Informational Meeting

Meeting to focus on providing updates regarding the proposed project and listening to comments, concerns, or suggestions.

The Village of Allouez is conducting its third public involvement meeting to discuss proposed improvements for the reconstruction of Libal Street between Wisconsin Highway (WIS) 172 and Kalb Avenue.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2022, with an open house from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., and a presentation during the Village Board meeting (which starts at 6:30 p.m., in the Village Hall Board Room, 1900 Libal Street, Allouez). The objective of this meeting is to provide updates regarding the proposed project, show proposed right‑of‑way acquisition limits, and listen to comments, concerns, or suggestions.

The proposed project will reconstruct Libal Street from WIS 172 to Allouez Avenue and replace the existing pavement from Allouez Avenue to Kalb Avenue. The preliminary design of the reconstruction section from WIS 172 to Allouez Avenue investigated options for roadway widths, bike lanes, parking, and sidewalks. New storm sewer will be constructed in this section. New sidewalk is proposed between Greene Avenue and Allouez Avenue on the west side of Libal Street. The pavement replacement section from Allouez Avenue to Kalb Avenue will construct a new asphaltic surface while maintaining the existing curb and gutter and existing sidewalk. Existing curb and gutter and sidewalk in poor condition will be replaced as necessary. New sidewalk is proposed north of Beaupre Street to Kalb Avenue on the east side of Libal Street. The existing storm sewer will be reviewed and spot repairs completed as necessary. The project is anticipated to begin construction as early as 2024.

Adjacent property owners are encouraged to attend the meeting. Citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing and require an interpreter may request one by contacting Sean Gehin at least 3 working days before the meeting.

For more information, contact:

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